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  1. Definition of cross my mind in the Idioms Dictionary. cross my mind phrase. What does cross my mind expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  2. Free Mindvalley Quests. Powered by community and connection, Mindvalley Quests turns learning into a group adventure. Our programs are based on the science of transformation and behavior design, and delivered in an elegant app that trains you for 20 minutes a day. Your first quest is on us.
  3. 2, Free images of Mind. Brain Mind Psychology. Meditation Spiritual. Mind Brain Mindset. Sunset Cloud Meditation. 92 38 Twilight Lake Alpine. Question Questions Man. Girl Portrait Face. 9. Girl Beauty Woman. 38 26 8. Art Statue Sculpture. 99 9. Italy.
  4. An interesting story about a little girl lost in a large mansion, her headaches make themselves felt, and the medicine that she took is scattered throughout the rooms, her sick mind has invented ghosts that live around. My Mind Ghost - in this game with a top view, the player searches for medicines scattered around the mansion, collecting.
  5. David Allan Coe - Free My Mind Capo 3 / [Intro] E A E B E / E I?m a cosmic cowboy, a big time player A I like Pantera, Kid Rock, and Slayer E I like Ice T, the rapper I mean B E When it come.
  6. I never had my mind made up Before the bomb dropped And if I ever do decide to take a chance Oh, the part that keeps me holding on It'll be my mind Awaken my mind Awaken my mind Open my eyes Free my mind Awaken my mind Awaken my mind Open my eyes We like to watch the world go by Paint a pretty picture with the perfect light Build a happy home.
  7. a disheveled human says 'Go forth, my savior! Rescue my mind from the clutches of darkness!' You have been assigned the task 'Free My Mind' For a brief moment the human's eyes gain focus and he looks directly at you. He says one thing that seems unclouded by whatever evil has done to his mind. "Help me. I want my mind back!".
  8. speak (one's) mind To voice one's thoughts plainly or bluntly. Can I just speak my mind, even though you probably won't like what I have to say? See also: mind, speak speak one's mind Fig. to say frankly what one thinks (about something). Please let me speak my mind, and then you can do whatever you wish. You can always depend on John to speak his mind.
  9. on (one's) mind In one's thoughts. Jennie's been on my mind lately—do you know how she is? You look worried—what's on your mind? See also: mind, on on one's mind Fig. occupying one's thoughts; currently being thought about. You've been on my mind all day. Do you have something on your mind? You look so serious. See also: mind, on on one's mind Also.

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