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Im In Love With Your Mom - Angry Samoans - Play The Songs Of Vom (Vinyl)

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  1. Angry Samoans Vom - - Im In Love With Your Mom EP Angry Samoans Vom - Live At Surf City Animals And Men - Revel In The Static- Demos And Singles Anti Scrunti Faction - Damsels In Distress Love Songs Jean Paul Satre Experience - Size Of Food Jean Paul Satre Experience - Elemental Flex EP.
  2. I had 2 Angry Samoans records--Back from Samoa and STP Not LSD, and I had always favored the first over the second._STP Not LSD_ actually fell to the near-bottom of my pile after a while, because I wouldn't pull it out to play or even use it for mix tapes.
  3. The early Angry Samoans records -- Inside My Brain (the Classic! the EP version I mean, although there are some great tracks on the B-side of that re-issue LP, which are here as tracks , with tracks 10 and 11 later issued on the Live at Rhino Records LP.(not a great LP, its /5(34).
  4. Not like the ones on your mom Highschool english You got an A You knew your Dickens plot But your mom Has been to college You're just a dropout twat I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR MOM I got my fingers in you baby Wish they were in your mom Suckin on her nips that's right And her suckin on my prong! I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR MOM Every night I get a hard I.
  5. The Angry Samoans were a California band that began as an incredible punk/hardcore band and then turned to garage rock and poppier punk later remistforsaleclinsregonexluesempho.xyzinfo by music critic "Metal Mike" Saunders and also featuring Gregg Turner and three other folks, the Angry Samoans didn't particularly get along at the time, and REALLY don't get along now.
  6. Oct 27,  · Vinyl Warning: The Reactors: I Want Sex Angry Samoans: I'm in Love with Your Mom: Play the Songs of VOM: Bulge: Unlearn: techniques of Persuation: Cruel Spit: Crucificados Pelo Sistema: The Modern Lovers.
  7. Fuck the War EP () I'm In Love With Your Mom () I'm In Love With Your Mom is an EP by Angry Samoans containing all six tracks from their first recording session in September Track listing "I'm in Love with Your Mom" - (R. Meltzer/M. Saunders/G. Turner/D. Roeder).
  8. VOM pre-dated the Samoans by a couple of years and near to a half dozen "tunes" in the VOM set list migrated to the Samoans repertoire as crude prototypes: "I'm In Love With Your Mom," "Too Animalistic," "Electrocute Your Cock," "Broads Are Equal," "I Am (The Son of Sam)," and so forth.

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