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  1. A person that believes in the principles of Technocracy. adj; noun; an elite group of electronic music enthusiasts, who have refined their techno music tastes through concerts and sharing music. Technocrats appreciate mainstream beats and timeless techno classics, but they believe in the evolution of this rhythmic music genre.
  2. At TECHNOCRAT we provide Online marketing solutions. Conversion-based web design coupled with a lead generating marketing plan, your online success is inevitable.
  3. AN influential part of the country's ruling elite has preferred for obvious reasons governing via so-called technocrats rather than members of the elected parliament who are answerable to the people.
  4. Today technocrat and technocratic are still popular words for experts with a highly rational and scientific approach to public policy issues. But these experts aren't always the best politicians, and when a terrific technological solution to a problem is opposed by a powerful .
  5. Technocrat was created by Mike W. Barr and in Outsiders #1. Character Evolution Technocrat Technocrat was extremely close to Wylde, his former bodyguard. He was .
  6. a proponent, adherent, or supporter of technocracy. a technological expert, especially one concerned with management or administration.
  7. Technocrat build open source enterprise websites with Drupal that transforms digital results. Technocrat has a proven track record with Australia's most complex web projects and has the largest senior Drupal team in Australia.
  8. Edmond de Rothschild Achieves 4-year Goals for Sustainable Development Every global elite group that you can imagine has thrown their full weight behind Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. All central banks, all global corporations, all elite families, all major political structures, etc. As Alfred E. Neuman proclaimed, "What, me worry?".

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